Wireless Hidden Cameras and Wifi

wireless hidden cameraWhen we see covert surveillance cameras, we usually see wireless hidden cameras.  This is because wired cameras are a pain to hide (it’s ok, you can laugh as you imagine someone walking around with a huge cord hanging out there pant leg which is attached to a DVR or viewer that someone else is holding 500 feet away…tripping everyone as they attempt to capture their image).  Fortunately, cameras and technology in general continue to improve by leaps and bounds.  Back in the day, wireless cameras were just cool, but completely useless for capturing viewable images.  Before we get into some of the interesting tidbits about these, let’s clarify the term. Continue reading Wireless Hidden Cameras and Wifi

Surveillance Camera – what are the options?

When people ask me about a surveillance camera, they can have two different meanings.  covert surveillance cameraThe first, is a hidden surveillance camera (also called covert surveillance camera).  This is when the area or person viewed is generally unaware of the camera.  The other meaning is when someone wants a camera that is part of a camera system.  There are pros and cons for each of these, and they both support private investigation at times.  Since I get so many questions on this, I thought it was a great topic to discuss.

Continue reading Surveillance Camera – what are the options?

Private Investigation, is there a need?

Many people visualize private investigation as the dirty job where one spouse hires some sleazy jerk to spy on the other spouse. Private Investigation camera This does tend to be a regularly requested job for a lot of private investigators, but it goes a lot further than that.  A friend of mine shared a tweet where someone accused “supporters” of programs like e-verify of wanting the private sector to do the government’s job.  This made me pause and take a little bit of offense (being in the private sector), when I realized that this is partially true.  Think about it.  If you want to do a background check on someone, can you run down to the police station and just get a background check?  Some jurisdictions, you can (at least you used to be able to).  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get government assistance.  So, to illustrate the need for private investigation, I want to share a couple of stories with you. Continue reading Private Investigation, is there a need?

Cell Phone Monitoring- The Legal Uses

cell phone monitoring pictures video

A fairly hot topic continues to be the conversation around cell phone monitoring.  Every now and again, an article floats around that discusses ways to spy on your spouse if you suspect them of cheating.  The reality is that this is very illegal.  A general rule of thumb to consider is that you have no control over your partner’s actions, inactions, decisions, etc.  So, you might ask, “What is the purpose of cell phone monitoring if I can’t use it to spy on my spouse”?  Let’s review some good benefits of some of these programs. Continue reading Cell Phone Monitoring- The Legal Uses

Background Checks- 6 reasons to get one

Background checks are useful for personal reasons as well as business reasons.  Many people think that background checks only include criminal history.  While many services offer just this resource, a private investigator has access to more databases than just criminal!  Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot find resources to have background checks completed without a private investigator.  Regardless of how you proceed, you should at least understand some of the reasons for background checks.  This post will review 6 reasons you should consider a background check. Continue reading Background Checks- 6 reasons to get one

Online Background Check vs PI Background Check

online background check information

What is an online background check?

Most background checks these days start with an online search.  online background checkAn online background check, whether it is done manually or through a service, uses one or more online databases storing related data.  For example, if your state allows the private search of driving records, someone could take your license plate number and search the state’s motor vehicle department for any available information.  This might include registration address, registered name, any recent tickets (specific to that license plate, not necessarily a specific driver), and other publicly available information.  Continue reading Online Background Check vs PI Background Check

The Affair Detective Review

The Affair Detective Review

The Affair Detective Review

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The affair detective review 2While I still encourage you to consider hiring a private investigator, the majority of people I talk to with suspicions of cheating cannot afford a private investigator.  This usually means they will eventually take matters in their own hands.  Without proper training or guidance, you can easily turn your efforts into a waste of time and no confirmation either way.  The Affair Detective is a great resource that provides extensive coverage and resources for helping you find the truth. Continue reading The Affair Detective Review

How to Catch a Cheater- Tips and Resources from a P.I.

How to Catch a Cheater- Tips and Resources from a P.I.

As a private investigator, I am often asked how to catch a cheater.  This can turn into a trick question if the person asking does not provide enough information.  What they are really asking is, “how do I find out if my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner is cheating on me?”

How to catch a cheater

Most of the time, people have suspicions and rarely any real proof that their partner is cheating on them.  Many times, these suspicions are completely unfounded.  Too often, the suspicions are indications that their partner is at least lying to them to some degree if not really cheating. Continue reading How to Catch a Cheater- Tips and Resources from a P.I.