The Affair Detective Review

The Affair Detective Review

The Affair Detective Review

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The affair detective review 2While I still encourage you to consider hiring a private investigator, the majority of people I talk to with suspicions of cheating cannot afford a private investigator.  This usually means they will eventually take matters in their own hands.  Without proper training or guidance, you can easily turn your efforts into a waste of time and no confirmation either way.  The Affair Detective is a great resource that provides extensive coverage and resources for helping you find the truth.

What’s included in The Affair Detective Review?

  • Cheaters checklist- use this to help you determine if you have a real concern.
  • Tactics to use on the cell-phone.
  • Covert surveillance used by the pros!
  • Lie detection strategies revealed.
  • Detailed information on the tricks your cheating partner might use.
  • Avoid making mistakes and revealing your suspicions too early.
  • Learn how to control a confrontational situation.
  • This product includes help recovering from an affair once you know the truth.
  • And more!

How Do I get the product?

The Affair Detective is an instant download!  Follow the link to product website here, read through the details provided, and make your purchase at the bottom.  The current price is listed as only $39.99!  As a private investigator, I can tell you that no private investigator in the world would only charge $39.99 for any one service.  You cannot even take a local course on detecting deception for that price.  Most private investigators charge a minimum retainer of $1500 for services related to domestic situations, including finding out if your partner is cheating on you!  Then, there is typically an hourly charge plus reimbursement for expenses.  Most cases in my area of the world average $2500-$3500 when all is said and done- more if we are called in to court.  If you cannot afford a Private Investigator, The Affair Detective is the next best thing at a very reasonable price!

Why would I not want to get The Affair Detective?

While this can be an excellent resource, there are still considerations that might dissuade you from the purchase.

  • Any information collected by you will not be admissible in court. While a Judge might be willing to take a look at what you have collected, any good lawyer can argue the collection of evidence is tainted.  A 3rd party, someone who is unbiased (such as a private investigator) can present evidence independently and provide evidence that is admissible in court.
  • Collecting evidence still falls under legal restrictions. For example, some of the cell phone tactics mentioned could be considered illegal in your jurisdiction.  If you plan on implementing these steps, you will need to ensure you have reviewed your local laws to make sure you do not end up going to jail trying to find the truth!  A private investigator should know the local laws and options available.
  • Embedding yourself in your own case can be quite emotional. Since you have an emotional investment in the outcome, this can make it difficult to follow through or see the “signs” accurately.

Why would I want to get The Affair Detective?

  • If you have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, but have absolutely no evidence- this is a great resource to help you identify if your concern is legitimate. This can help you decide if you need to get a Private Investigator involved or not (such as when you are able to confirm your suspicions, even to some degree).
  • When you hire a private investigator, this is non-refundable and there are no guarantees. If your partner figured out you suspected something, and they think you might have hired someone, they could be on their best behavior for a while.  That means the private investigator is not likely to find any proof (it’s still possible, but it is much harder).
  • If you are not married, living together, or share anything that would need legal separation (kids, pets, money), this is a much cheaper alternative to paying someone else.
  • Even if you find out that your partner is not cheating on you, this resources till covers a lot of good information on detecting deception in general. If you are more interested in becoming a “human lie detector”, check out this review instead.

Overall, this resource is definitely worth the money just for the education and skills you will gain.  If you truly suspect your partner is cheating, then $39.99 is definitely worth the peace of mind- no matter what you find out.  Don’t let that suspicion eat at you- take action!

You can download The Affair Detective instantly after the payment process.  Click here for the full product page information.

-The Private I on The Affair Detective Review